Memory and Recall

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On memory and recall

Experts believe that memory is far more complex and elusive than that and that it is located not in one particular place in the brain but is instead a brain-wide process

What seems to be a single memory is actually a complex construction that involves the processing of a vast amount of information. If you think of an object (e.g. a pen) your brain retrieves the object’s name, its shape, its function, the sound when it scratches across the page… Each part of the memory of what a “pen” is comes from a different region of the brain. The entire image of “pen” is actively reconstructed by the brain from many different areas. Neurologists are only beginning to understand how the parts are reassembled into a coherent whole.

Yet you’re never aware of these separate mental experiences, nor that they’re coming from all different parts of your brain because they all work together so well. In fact, experts tell us there is no firm distinction between how you remember and how you think.

BCIs measure nervous system activity and then converts it into useable output for computer (e.g. replace brain’s natural output modalities or derive outputs of human). This allows us to carry out pattern recognition from brain dynamics.